12 November, 2010

For The Love....

For the love of food.....
I was cooking before I was five, dominated the family kitchen, studied the effects of food on the body in college, and graduated from culinary school in 2007. 

I LOVE FOOD.  Next to sex and exercise, food is my favorite topic.

That's probably what makes staying skinny so hard!! 

I'm constantly putting myself in situations where I'll be tempted with culinary delights.  I'm a baker for god's sake! I want to eat thin crust pizza from Bottega Louis just as much as the next foodie.  But, garlic herb fries from La Poubelle aren't going to keep me thin.  And I really want to be skinny.

Not just because I think 110 looks better on my 5'2" frame than 120 but because it represents so much more.

To me, thin means I'm healthy.  I've been avoiding foods that cause excess fat gain.  But I'm not so skinny that I don't radiate a feminine softness. 

Thin means I'm happy.  When my outlook is positive and upbeat I can easily avoid temptations.  When I'm stressed or depressed I tend to over-indulge. 

For the love of being healthy.....
I like to eat a clean mostly-vegetarian diet, avoid gluten and dairy, limit my intakes of sugar and alcohol, and workout at least six hours a week.

Bonne Chance & Enjoy the Day....

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