14 November, 2010

The Fitness Critic: Birkram Yoga Silverlake

Birkram Yoga Silverlake = 2
"it's ify at best"
*I found this studio on LivingSocial.  The deal was
$30 unlimited classes for 21 days**   
(Overall rating based on Environment, Vibe, Instructor Energy, Class Construction, & Execution.  On a scale from 1-5 where 1=complete waste time  5=kick ass total experience.)

I love Silverlake, I really do, but if this is the best yoga in the area I feel sad for it's residents.  The actual practice was decent, if you can appreciate this sweaty style of detoxifying yoga.  The unfortunate problem with Birkram yoga is also it's defining characteristic....sweat.  When not properly addressed you get the warm stench of a teenage boys locker room.  Which is exactly the scent of the this small studio.  The gross thing is that you actually get used to the smell!

If....if...... I lived very near this studio I would probably continue to make the occasional appearance.  Making certain, of course, to park in the designated parking lot-across the street and behind the drug store-to avoid yoga hating residents who are quick to leave a printed copy of a handwritten note demanding their street parking respect.  Thankfully, L.A. is flooded with yoga studios and I have relocated to West Hollywood.  So, goodbye stinky studio with crabby neighbors, I wish you well.

On to the next workout experience......CrossFit!!
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