09 December, 2010

On The Flip Side.....No Cost Shopping From Your Own Closet

I don't know fashion, but I know someone who does 
& I'm putting her talents to the test. 

You can usually find Kristine scouring downtown shops and tough-talking vendors on her search for the perfect fabric and hardware. Yes, this 4'11" Filipino, is a fashion force to be reckoned with. 
The lil' one, Kristine Magante, a super chic stylist, shoe whore, and lifestyle blogger here in Los Angeles shows me what to do with the things I already have.

Check her blog On the Flip Side & stay tuned for her new Bali influenced line this spring.

The challenge:  Could she give me a style makeover without spending a dime by using items from my own closet?  

She accepted the challenge....well, she didn't so much accept the challenge as she did the invitation to watch Eat, Prey, Love and drink cocktails at my apartment.  In fact, she had no idea and no time for preparation.

I had my closet spread across the living room and a rum punch in hand when she arrived.

After quickly considering my entire wardrobe and knocking back half her drink, she was off.

Taking a "bottom-up" approach, pairing several tops with each bottom, outfitting with several shoe options, and layering with scarves, purses, and bags.  

Working off a few key pieces she was able to pull together over 30 outfits from my own supply!!

Warning: Not the best picture quality but somehow the camera was still able to add 10 pounds & 2 cup sizes.
Oh yeah, shield your eyes from the whiteness.

Black Leggings

Straight Leg Hudson Jeans

Wide Leg Express Jean

I think these are my faves.....
Plaid Skirt
OMG...don't you dare say a thing about my white legs.  I KNOW!!  I tried to fix it with iPhoto but I don't have the skills. Obviously, tights or a tan are in order here.

 Dark Grey Pencil Skirt

I LOVE this look...so sexy, so "good secretary" "bad secretary"

Chords Cream & Black.....missing some pics but will update as soon as Kristine figures out how to email them from her Blackberry (winky face).


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